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Stay logged in AUTOMATICALLY... hands-free to your favorite dating site.
Your profile gets seen much more often. You get more likes, more messages.

Sta-Onlin is a small program that keeps you automatically logged in to your favorite dating site. When online, your profile has a much better chance of being shown to other people when they log on. Also, being online gets you listed higher in searches done by others.

Works on all versions of Windows and is made specifically for the "Big 3" dating sites -,, and

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Question mark icon     How does it work?

Sta-Onlin sits quietly in the upper right of your screen and couldn't be simpler to use:

(1)  Log in to your dating site
(2)  Launch Sta-Onlin
(3)  Select your dating site and click the "Start" button

Sta-Onlin will rotate through various pages of your selected dating site in a random fashion, and at random time intervals. You can just leave it alone and let it do its thing!

If you happen to see something/someone you like on your dating site while Sta-Onlin is running, just click the STOP button to pause it. You can then do whatever you like in your dating site, or anything else on your computer... Sta-Onlin will wait patiently till you're done. Then just put your dating site browser tab back to the forefront (ie. "active") and click START to resume Sta-Onlin.

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